Contoh Curhat Dalam Bahasa Inggris

percakapan bahasa inggris

Berikut ini adalah percakapan yang terjadi di perpustakaan antara dua orang siswa.

Percakapan ini bercerita tentang curahan hati Rose pada Nabila tentang kejadian memalukan yang dialaminya saat ingin menonton film “A Beautiful Mind” dengan temannya Jake.

Silahkan mempelajari dan mempraktekkan dialog dibawah ini secara bergantian dengan temanmu didepan kelas.

Rose and Nabila are talking in the library

Rose     : I would never want to go out with Jake anymore!

Nabila : Calm down, Rose. What’s the matter with you?

Rose     : You won’t believe me; he’s shown me up in public

Nabila : Who? Jake? How could that happen?

Rose     : We agreed to meet at Fantasy Theater to watch ” A Beautiful Mind”. I had been there for a half hour before he finally   showed up

Nabila : What makes you so enraged then?

Rose     : He arrived with a girl. What’s worse, he pretended to be unfamiliar with me, even when I greeted him.

Nabila : I bet you must have been embarrassed. What did you do then?

Rose     : Yes, indeed.  Everyone was looking at me with strange look. As they two walked into the theater, I rushed out to get a taxi went home.

Nabila : Have you met him again after that?

Rose    : No. and I don’t think I want to.

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